The Lancashire Hustlers are a musical duo made up of Brent Thorley (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Ian Pakes (drums, vocals, other instruments).

Originally from Southport but now based in London, they have been making music together since they were teenagers. Since then they have been courted by legendary Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller (who loved their early demos), 'big in Japan' (having performed and released albums there under various guises) and licensed Covent Garden buskers (amongst other things).

As The Lancashire Hustlers, they have released three critically acclaimed albums since 2013. Their music has received radio play from the likes of Stuart Maconie and Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6, Brian Mullen on BBC Radio Ulster and Genevieve Tudor on BBC Radio Shropshire.

Musical magpies, they borrow from a variety of genres including soul, pop, folk, jazz, old musicals, psychedelia, bossa nova, film soundtracks and blues. Their recordings feature a wide range of instruments all played by the band, including Metallophone, Indian Tamboura, Harmonica, Autoharp, Kalimba, Melodica, Accordion, Ukulele, Bowed Psaltery and a large array of percussion.